Mixing & Mastering


The mixing process begins after the recording and editing processes are complete.  Mixing is the proper balancing of the recorded audio within a soundscape. The tracks that are recorded get treated and enhanced to fit modern audio formats and specifications. This includes things like strategic EQ for clarity, effects for clarity, panning and widening, proper gain staging for headroom, and compression for energy. If you hire me to do your mixing, then I will do the mixing alone without the presence of band members or artists. Upon completion of a mix, you will have two revision opportunities, and the first and second passes or versions will be sent to you for feedback and suggested edits. If you are a band, then one person should be appointed to communicate changes to me.

Please see transfer steps below if you recorded your music by yourself or at a different studio and would like me to mix your project.

  • Step 1: Export your files in WAV format from the DAW you used to record your songs. If you used a recording engineer at a studio, ask them for your tracks or ‘stems’ and they will be able to send them to you.
  • Step 2: Upload your files to https://www.wetransfer.com and send them to info@boriafolabi.com. You can also use cloud storage such as Dropbox or Google Drive, and then link the files to me.
  • Step 3: When the first mix or mastering round is done, your file will be linked to you so you can listen and make notes about requested changes.  As noted previously, two revisions are included.
  • Step 4: Once the revisions are complete, you will be sent an invoice and your files will be available for download in high quality format once final payment is received.


The mastering process is an important last step to ensure your mixed track is at optimal volume and translates well to distribution mediums like CD, MP3, radio, etc.Mastering includes things like data tagging, commercial volume level adjustments, precise EQ and compression, and stereo widening. If you hire me to do your mastering, then I will do the mastering alone and, like the mixing process, two rounds of changes or revisions are included. You are encouraged to listen on several different playback systems (headphones, car, home stereo, etc.) and make notes. If you are a band, then one person should be delegated to communicate changes to me.

If you had your project mixed elsewhere and would like me to master it, see steps 1-4 under “Mixing” above for file transfer information.