I run a professional production studio out of my home and can record, mix and master your entire project. I can also accommodate a full band live off the floor. There are many styles of producing, and I offer two.

The first and more basic style (Production Package A) involves four main steps: recording, editing, mixing and mastering. A typical production session will begin with an overview of your song(s). This usually takes place over the phone, via email or in person. You will then prepare for the recording session, and I will give you tips to ensure the recording process is productive. See “Recording in House & Mobile Recording” for more details on recording. The recording sessions are then booked, and once recoding is complete, I will do the editing, mixing and mastering.  See “Editing & Vocal Tuning”and “Mixing & Mastering” for further information.

My second style of producing is more hands on and involves more personalized coaching (Production Package B). This type of production style is often beneficial for solo artists, and includes more than just recording, editing, mixing and mastering. It includes the whole approach to your project, and I help you get the most out of your vision and talent as an artist. This production package involves a song crafting session, instrumentation choices, musician choices, and vocal coaching during vocal recording (to help get the best performance out of you), in addition to recording, editing, mixing and mastering. Basically, I walk with you through the entire project creation and am there to help you with everything you need to get the best product in the end. It may also involve some co-writing if agreed upon.