Recording in House & Mobile Recording

The recording process is where the audio is captured.  A recording session includes setting up microphones and instruments and recording performances.

Once audio is captured (drums, bass, guitar, vocals, etc.) and the session is complete, then editing and mixing sessions will follow.  If you want me to edit your song, then please see “How Editing and Vocal Tuning Works” for more information.  If you have a preferred engineer you want to use for mixing, then I will properly format your tracks for transfer. This formatting is often referred to as the creation of stems.  Stems are the individual tracks from the multi-track recording.  They are usually in wav file format, and you will receive them from me as 24 bit wav files.  If you would like your stems, whether you use my mixing services or not, then they will be transferred to you in one of two possible ways.  The first method is via flash drive, which you provide, and the second method is via hard drive, which you also provide.  So if you would like your stems transferred to you, then you will need to bring your own hard drive or flash drive.  There is an additional charge to transfer stems if you are not using my mixing services.

During recording, please note that I prefer that only the preforming artist(s) on the particular track being recorded be present, and I recommended that outside friends not be in the studio. As the artist, you are paying good money to get the best out of your time, and often outside friends can be a distraction.

Mobile Recording

The studio comes to you! You decide where you would like to record, whether it’s your living room, basement, church, or venue, and I will bring the gear, set up and make it happen.