Song Crafting

I specialize in song crafting with a special emphasis on lyrics. Song crafting includes an in depth analysis of each key element in a song. Because you’re an artist with something important to say, I make it my focus to ensure that what you want to say is said effectively. I love working with singer/songwriters and bands. Who says you can’t write a #1 hit early in your career?
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I run a professional production studio out of my home and can record, mix and master your entire project. I can also accommodate a full band live off the floor.
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The recording process is where the audio is captured. A recording session includes setting up microphones and instruments and recording performances.

Mobile Recording

The studio comes to you! You decide where you would like to record, whether it’s your living room, basement, church, or venue, and I will bring the gear, set up and make it happen.
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Editing & Vocal Tuning

Before mixing a song, editing usually needs to be done, which includes timing and tuning fixes, comping multiple takes together, and arranging parts into the right places.
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Mixing & Mastering

The mixing process begins after the recording and editing processes are complete. Mixing is the proper balancing of the recorded audio within a soundscape. The mastering process is an important last step to ensure your mixed track is at optimal volume and translates well to distribution mediums like CD, MP3, radio, etc.
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Studio Musician

I play several instruments, including guitar, drums, bass, etc., and I am available to play on your track if you are in need of a studio musician. This service is often valuable to singer-songwriters who only play one instrument.
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Instruments Available

My instruments include different guitars, drum sets, bass and synths, both vintage and Digital Audio Workstation (“DAW”) based. These instruments are available to you for free for use within the studio. You are also encouraged and welcomed to bring your own instruments and gear.

Song Writing

If you are not a songwriter but are in need of a song, jingle, musical composition, backing track, film score, etc., then explain your project to me and I can do the writing for you.


If you have a song idea in mind but need help to develop it, or if you want to write a song but don’t know where to start, then we can work together to write the song. I have co-written songs with various artists and writers in the past, and would love to hear your ideas.
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